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Laura DeMasi, a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in the Behavioral Healthcare Industry, currently serves as the Executive Director and one of the founding members of Rubicon Recovery Center (RRC). Hailing from New Jersey, Laura’s commitment goes beyond her professional roles, showcasing a profound passion for community betterment. Her longstanding objective to make a meaningful impact on those grappling with Substance Use Disorder led to the establishment of RRC. At the helm, Laura’s mission is clear: to provide individualized, patient-centered care that empowers individuals on their recovery journey. Beyond her executive duties, Laura, a devoted mother, exemplifies a balance between professional excellence and family life. Her personal pursuits, including fitness, yoga, and spiritual growth practices, align with the holistic approach to well-being embraced by RRC. Laura DeMasi’s leadership embodies a rare blend of professional acumen, community dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of those in recovery, steering Rubicon Recovery Center towards new heights of excellence in the Behavioral Healthcare field.

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